Plan Now is a risk analysis website that would forecast the risk business would face if they were to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plan Now will provide the user with a risk management report on how risky the opening of the business would be to the employees and other nearby companies.

The coronavirus pandemic is a growing problem in the world that is affecting many families and local businesses in our community. The shelter in-home order has been placed for more than a month in some places around the US. With this long wait and eager to get back to our normal lives many people are tempted to reopen their businesses and go back to work. Although, many people are really missing out on how reopening their businesses can really be a struggle to other local businesses and affect many more lives. This will cause another big second wave which would only result in a long time in quarantine.

As an example, the state of Georgia had just announced that they will be reopening and getting back to their normal lives. Beaches in Florida and Santa Cruz are also reopening which can be a major factor of risk for families. Plan Now is there to help these businesses realize the risk that they are taking and help them get on the right track by providing them precise data and proper precautions by CDC guidelines.

What it does

Plan Now is entirely built on a website to make the interface easy for the user to use. The User would be prompted with an HTML sign up form which would gather info and data on the companies location area, size, number of customers, number of employees, the age group of the people at the company, and the type of business. All of this data would then be put into a machine-learning algorithm to factor in all the information and resources. The algorithm would then provide the user with the best success rate of the business if it were to reopen during the times of the coronavirus. Later the risk level would also show a prediction of how it would affect companies nearby

How we built it

We built this project by using machine-learning, google cloud maps API, and HTML. The machine-learning algorithm would calculate the best possibility or the risk analysis a company would take by reopening. The google cloud maps API would then be used to give the best visual representation on how the reopening of one business will have an effect on other nearby surrounding businesses.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a couple of problems of connecting the HTML form information and data values with the machine-learning algorithm. However, we were able to solve this problem by creating a separate PHP file to store those values in a variable. Another problem was getting to download the JSON file for the google cloud map API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a working project which would make people think again if they plan to reopen their business. We want to keep everyone in our local community and the entire world safe from this growing pandemic, which we hope will come to an end soon.

What we learned

We learned a lot by using google cloud API which was a very great experience and tool to learn about. Another thing we learned about was using a machine-learning algorithm to accurately provide the user with useful information on the risk they take with reopening their business.

What's next for Plan Now

Our plan is to be able to add more business platforms and add more data and resources. We also hope to plan a platform which would also help big companies like Google, Microsoft, and other big companies around the world.

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