Everyone in our team had a very difficult time with STARS which is NTU's platform to add and drop courses. It is very difficult to figure what index numbers are right for you and avoid clashes. Most of us at NTU spend large amounts of time on the STARS planners. This problem got our team thinking and we came up with "Plan it Right".

The users need to input only their course codes and the our application automatically generates suitable timetables. This will save large amounts of time for the users.

Our project is based on Python. We have used CVS files for our database and PyQt for the GUI.

We found it extremely difficult to be able to obtain a database which would be large enough for our program to be used to its full potential. It required large amount of manual intervention before the CVS file could directly be used for the program. Since this was the first hackathon(for all our team members) we had a hard time doing our installations.

We are proud that we managed to make a fully working project. We are pleased to have a input GUI. Furthermore, we have an extremely complicated algorithm for avoiding clashes. Since the algorithm is successfully avoiding clashes our main purpose has been met.

We learnt how to create databases and use them on python to analyze data. We also learnt how to use PyQt for building a GUI

We plan on creating a larger database for Plan it right. We would also want to improve the GUI and make the functioning smoother.

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