Time is the only resource that can not be borrowed outside. Human being in one day may have very limited amount of time. So every human should plan his or her time to stay effective, achieve goals and make work done. How much time will human need to perform the task? It depends of... a lot of factors. But everyone is trying to calculate time and the more we try to plan and analyze results of our planing skills the more accurate will be the results of planning. So when I am working at my projects I want to be effective, I want to know everything about my time. How much time will cost the task and how much time do I really spent on the task? How accurate were my plans? The final reason to write this app was using Pomodoro timer technique. I am fan of this technique because it helps me get rid of procrastination and make projects done. When I started using it the difference in spending time was unimaginable, but existing project and time management tools does not have support for this technique.

What it does

Plan Checker the Android app lets user store projects and tasks inside projects. User plans how much time does the task require. Then while working on task all time intervals are stored in a local database and at whenhub cloud. User can use 2 types of timers - common timer starting from 0 up or Pomodoro countdown timer. Then after doing some work and making some tasks done user can see graphs of his or her work achievements at whenhub.

How we built it

Drawing, programming, testing, looking for docs... and again looking for docs... trying to use API functions and trying again after errors 500, 400, 402, 404... programming, testing...

Challenges we ran into

Timelines for this Hackathon were not so easy to follow. We had not so much time for best programming efforts, but we tried to do our best to choose interesting task suitable for applying the API and create Android app release. We had a lot of ideas, it was really hard to decide which one is the best. I think that we choose the task that can solve not just our problems with time management and planning skills but be useful for a lot of other people in the world. And final problem was the lack of working examples or docs for using API in Android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In less than a month we created the app that is suitable for our needs and I believe the needs of other people.

What we learned

We learned to use some features of Whenhub API in Android app. We learned to respect importance of time and storing time intervals, events, stories and sharing them.

What's next for Plan Checker

Find better ways to use the API. For now we just store time intervals and plan accuracy rates and then see beautiful charts with them. But there are a lot of other features and opportunities. For example - sharing them, creating achievements to award rising planning skills of app user, syncing between different devices etc. The most expected features just for me are gamification of the planning accuracy and execution required time intervals for tasks in a day.

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