As students, finding dedication can be difficult sometimes, especially for boring and trivial chores.

What it does

Fulfill is a system where your friends and family assign you tasks to perform through text to your phone number, which can be anything from homework to taking out the trash, to completing your bucket list. When you complete the task, you get points for performing tasks, based on the difficulty of task decided by the other party. If you do not perform the task in the allowed time, you lose points. This basic system of gaining and losing points is then displayed on a leaderboard, which adds a social to doing your chores. This system also has an ar aspect, which displays tasks when you use gesture control, and has text displaying the number of tasks left.

How I built it

We used the vonage nexmo API for the text and call assignment/reminders, we used capital one for the points system, we used an ios library to handle all augmented reality parts of the hack, and we used pebble for gesture controls.

What's next for Fulfill

The future for fulfill would be to allow users to cash in their points for real life prizes, such as gift cards which would be enabled by companies paying us to advertise a product in the form of a task, for instance burger king telling someone to go buy a burger and fries, or visit a burger king store. The company would pay us to allow this form of advertisement, and part of that money would then go towards giving the users even more incentive to perform their tasks.

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