At a young age my grandma suffered from a stroke. One of the largest issues with her and many other victims of stroke is not the recovery immediately following the stroke but the process that comes after. Stroke victims are required to do different exercises after their immediate treatments which can be long and tedious. These activities, however, are key towards reaching full recovery and not back tracking on the process of healing. Thus, our goal is to make this recovery process enjoyable and fun so patients can happily make a full recovery.

What it does

Our plan is to create a line of different games that develop different motor functions, specifically focused on the arm through the use of the Myo Armband. We have created our first game which is called Whack-a-squirrel. The goal of the game is to click as many of the moles as possible in a certain time range. With the Myo armband you are able to click by clenching your hand together which helps work on your motor skills.

How we built it

We built it by using the Unity engine and creating scripts in C sharp to run the game.

Challenges we ran into

Being new to Unity was a rewarding but difficult challenge. We ran into multiple challenges controlling the functioning of different GameObjects in the Squirrels. We also ran into problems with fully immersing Myo and the Unity engine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create a fully functional game despite not having prior experience in Unity and C Sharp. We were able to learn and create this game completely from scratch. Thus this learning experience to us was an overall success.

What we learned

Through this experience we were able to take away the fundamentals of creating games with the Unity engine and with C sharp. We were able to gain a little more insight into the hardware side of technology with the Myo Armband and explore its possibilities with combining it with the software side. Overall it made us much better prepared to dive deeper in the future into game development whether be it Hackathons or our future careers.

What's next for Rise

Rise has a lot of further plans with a goal of developing a wide variety of games that contribute towards different motor functions. We plan to take this game online to add another component of competitiveness for our users. All in all we aim to branch out and create more in-depth and entertaining games.

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