We want to give teachers great tools inside Microsoft Teams for Education. They should be able to do their daily work inside one GUI.

Plagiarism checking has been a complex process where the teacher often have had to send documents by mail and process the response manually.

What it does

Microsoft has built a function inside Microsoft Teams for Education where teachers can create assignments, and students can submit documents for these assignments. We have added functionality so the teacher can, with our integration, send these documents to Urkund for plagiarism control. When the document has been checked by Urkund, the teacher is updated on the status and also the student can see in what degree text from the document has been found in other sources. This can be done directly from a tab in the team where the assignment is created.

How we built it

Frontend built in javascript and React that renders inside Microsoft Teams as a dynamic tab in the Team where Assignments is used. The frontend application communicates with a WebAPI backend in ASP.NET/C# in an App Service in Azure that stores submissions to Urkund in a SQL table. Responses from Urkund are stored in the table and read via WebAPI to the frontend.

WebAPI communicates with Microsoft Graph API to get correct Team information, users and documents from SharePoint.

An Azure Function reads submissions from the SQL Table, gets documents from the customers SharePoint/Graph API and sends these to Urkund. It also reads responses from Urkund and saves new statuses along with report urls in the SQL Table.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the Education API's in Graph API that we wanted to use are not finished so we had to create some own solutions to find submitted documents to be able to deliver in time.

The process for getting accepted in Microsoft Store is time consuming and there are long roundtrips if you have not met the requirements that are set to be qualified.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are now one out of three published Teams apps for Education.

What we learned

Microsoft Teams is a new technology and has not matured and is still changing. Partnering with a recognized brand is good.

What's next for Plagiarism checker in MS Teams. Powered by Urkund.

  • Use the Education API's that now are in beta.
  • Change the UI to better reflect the UI in Assignments
  • Integrate our UI into the Assignments UI. It would be better for the teacher to have all functionality in one tab.

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