Placetee. Travel Happy Places

The idea of Placetee came to me when I was going through Instagram feed and saw a beautiful picture, but there was no location and I had no idea how to get there. So I have decided to build an app that can analyze what is going on and suggest some happy places to visit

How it works

Placetee receives the social feed from Instagram and Twitter in near real time, runs sentiment analysis against the captions, tags and comments and finds the places where people are really happy.

As for now we have two different categories - Travel (it is in fact just about everything) and Food (we find the trending food places - restaurants, cafes, even street events). So if you want to find something new, I would offer to visit and check out what is going on around you. You can be really surprised with what you can find. Placetee is so different, there is no analogue on a market. Tripadvisor doesn't have it, travel blogs can not do it, books... forget about books, few cafes are already closed, others might be not so good anymore. Placetee guaranties what you see is what you get. And we are looking for happy places, not something like Yelp, where about 70% customers have complained.

And Placetee provides not just the picture and description of the place, it also creates a route with the directions to the place. So it is totally possible just to come to some unknown place and find the best trending coffee shop around. User also can add the place he/she likes to the Favorites and even create an Event and invite friends (highly experimental at the moment).

Challenges I ran into

Placetee is very data hungry, it processes more than thousands instagrams a day. And it is near real time. For example, it is possible to switch to "live feed" and user has an instagrams coming in real time near his/her location. So it requires very fine tuning to get all this feed received, processed and presented to user. It is still not performing up to speed and we are working on it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Placetee is the very original idea and implementation was not an easy one, however it is finally a real MVP and we hope we are going to get a mobile version in a near future.

What I learned

To create and run a large scale oriented app was a new for me and I have learned a lot while developing it.

What's next for Placetee

Placetee is a browser app at the moment, and we are looking to move it to iTunes or Google Playstore. We encourage everybody to sign up for the mobile beta and run it wild

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