We wanted a fun and easy to use travel related party game application.

What it does

A two player web based application where both players must guess the allocated point of interest of the other player. This is done through a chat without using any of the words in the place name! Points are added for every correct answer to a scoreboard. We even cleverly educate people by teaching them how to use latitude and longitude!

How we built it

We used javascript; primarily through node.js utilising npm modules such as, express, nodemon and sass. The Google Places API was used to fetch data about the points of interest.

Challenges we ran into

Utilising the Google Places API to integrate well with the system that was already in place required some thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full implementation of a full chat protocol and deployment of a multi user working application. Also, working efficiently as a team and collaborating well throughout the duration of the project.

What we learned

Choosing technologies that none of us were previously familiar with ensured that we gained the most out of the project; not only learning how one would produce such an app, but also implementation using new technology tools.

What's next for PlaceIt

Accounts API for permanent user leaderboard. Add levels. Also including better checking of answers and even possibility to answer questions using location (by going there) to gain bonus points!

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