When looking for a place to eat in a new community, we find ourselves searching through Google ratings and reviews to tell us the hot spots in town. However, Place It wants to make life just a whole lot easier by being able to use our app when you're out and about!

What it does

Imagine this – you're super hungry and are walking down a street FULL of restaurants, and want to make sure you don't waste your money on a bad meal. Which one will you pick if you don't know anything about them? Well, of course, you'd launch our app! Hold up the camera to the name of the restaurant, snap it, and our app will place it! We will provide quick facts about the place you've just pointed your phone towards!

How we built it

This app was built for iOS, developed on Xcode, and programmed in Swift. We used VisionKit, VNDocumentCamera, and Google's Place API from the Google Cloud Platform!

Challenges we ran into

Apart from our challenges faced in development, we had to take time to hone down our idea and develop a well-thought vision for what this app would be and do!

Challenges faced in development: Learning how the API works and Vision, Parsing Swift JSON, making UI look nice, dispatching text to main UI thread – we wanted to try to implement AR but weren't able to in the 24 hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a working application in 24 hours that has the potential for so much more!

What we learned

We used VisionKit, VNDocumentCamera, and Google's Place API from the Google Cloud Platform for the first time!

What's next for Place It

Making this app focus on traveling and breaking barriers when in new places and adding many more features that connect small business owners with interested customers – simultaneously while boosting our economy.

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