The awesomeness of feeling the beat of the music in your chest, and the passion for building videogames.

What it does

We created a puzzle game including all the art (graphics and music), making an interactive editor to build levels, and all the logic and graphics of it. We also builded a tool to improve the mood around the game experience with a speaker atached to your chest, that makes you feel the beats of the music in a very inmersive way while you play this nice game.

How We built it

Using SFML and with C++ and GLSL, we splitted the job with the code, the game design, and art creation (music and graphics), and we managed to build together an awesome game and a wonderful experience.

Challenges We ran into

Programing the Shaders, and experimenting with making our own custom music for the game. And overall the experience itself of making this project with the given time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We builded a nice game and we achieved to build a new way to get immersed in the game by really feeling the music.

What We learned

We learned to comunicate better, to overcome problems as a team, and to enjoy the time hacking surrounded with amazing people.

What's next for Placeholderino

We will have to add more levels with the editor we built, and probably other games using the music enchancement tool.

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