MEMBERS John Gutierrez, Adrian Shi, Nathan Purwosumarto, Rishi Phatak,,,

CHALLENGES PwC Challenge 3: Developing a prototype that addresses the societal challenge of access to healthcare.

State Farm: Given the dataset, can you come up with an Application, Visualization, Machine Learning Model, or anything you may want to learn, to help State Farm to get more people to “Live Life Confidently”.

Pariveda Solutions: Hack that best helps serve the Bryan/College Station community.

Baker Hughes: Create an innovative solution to how you would take energy forward that supports one or more of our core values: Grow, Collaborate, Lead, and Care.

RESULT We were able to create an interactive front-end web-page that connected to database queries made in python. We used the Google Maps API to get logistical data such as travel time. Some data cleaning was also done in Python to remove extraneous data such as case ID that the user would not need.

MOVING FORWARD While our website is functional and clean, we would like to make it more professional with images and a Google-Maps interface with directions. Additionally, collecting user feedback and assembling a database would make our website much more viable in the future.

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