During my day as a software developer, there are some things that I find myself frequently looking up. I realised a lot of these things are accessible via public APIs. I thought that creating a "Developer Productivity" workspace could be a 1-stop workspace to save software engineers/developers time.

What it does

  • Displays the meaning of status codes along with a funny picture of a cat.
  • Retrieves the current time in different timezones for global teams to know when their colleagues will be online.
  • Generates different types of lorem ipsum text to be used as dummy text for projects.
  • Tells programming/general jokes.
  • Tells a daily inspirational quote.

How we built it

We thought of some things that we find ourselves frequently looking up. We then searched for some free publicly accessible APIs to provide that functionality. We created a collection in our workspace for each piece of functionality & added the routes.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a free API providing each of the functionalities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating something useful and that we will actually use on a daily basis & will continue to extend.

What we learned

We learned how useful collections are for organizing requests.

What's next for Developer Productivity

Continue to extend our workspace with new collections & functionality.

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