We wanted to make custom-built team compositions for our League of Legends Clash team, but we didn't want to sift through a 222 minute long Mobalytics article.

What it does

Our tool allows you to pick a team composition theme and analyzes your summoner profile to determine up to 3 of your top champions that suit this playstyle.

We currently use a combination of champion mastery points and recent match history to identify your best champions. Then, we sort your champions based on AI-generated champion classes to generate a team composition that fits one of 5 major playstyles (engage, disengage, poke & siege, pick, and split-push).

How we built it

Frontend: React, HTML, CSS

Backend: Express.js, Node.js, Python (protoyping)

We also used the Riot Games Developer API.

Challenges we ran into

Writing code efficiently to ensure we didn't exceed the rate limits for API calls

Classifying champions and team compositions in a non-subjective manner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a long-lasting tool that anyone can use during dozens of future Clash events!

What we learned

New technologies such as Express.js and React

What's next for COMP.GG

Identifying in-built synergies between certain champions (e.g. Malphite/Yasuo, Xayah/Rakan)

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