Our group’s name is Pluto, so we were inspired to make something along the lines of Space Exploration. We also wanted to include the importance of the earth and the current climate crisis for kids. What better way than to make a fun and educational game!

What it does

The game A Spacewalk Home educates students about the planets in the solar system through exploring the universe

How we built it

  • Using a while loop to keep the game running until the player decides to quit
  • Many if statements (further explained in video)

Challenges we ran into

  • Going from tutorial page back to main page
  • Knowing when to go to the final question
  • Multiple-choice answers (further explained in video)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finding the coordinates of the mouse cursor
  • The dramatic effect and feel of the video intro
  • Animation/Moving characters

What we learned

  • How to find the coordinates of the mouse cursor
  • Graphical effects in iMovie
  • How to make an object move
  • How to import images into PyGame

What's next for A Spacewalk Home

  • Have a wider variety of questions
  • Varying question difficulties based on users' skills
  • Include more animations to increase engagement and amusement

Built With

  • adobe-draw
  • adobe-sketch
  • canva
  • imovie
  • procreate
  • pycharm
  • pygame
  • python
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