• Augmented Reality too expensive. phone + AR = cheap alternative.

What it does

Third eye allows for an immersive experience right in your hands. It can detect and distinguish objects between one another and render 3D models.

How we built it

We used vuforia by Qualcomm for 3D rendering and object recognition. We originally built our concept on android studio, but transferred later to unity for higher efficiency. The process of each unique object included: Scanning the object, uploading to servers, importing to unity, event handle from detection.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding vuforia was proven difficult from the complexity. We ran into many bugs, some with no solution. When scanning the object, we made sure that each object was complex enough to be recognized with proper lighting. Many objects in our environment were not being recognized (too big),but we managed to gather some advice

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completed our goal

What we learned

  • Vuforia

What's next...

  • Database filled with everyday objects in the cloud from user input


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