We simply wanted to make a game in Unity, and the creative prompt seemed like a good excuse to do it B)

What it does

This is an FPS job-hunting simulator that realistically emulates the job search process of software developers. We weren't able to finish all of the features we wanted, but we enjoyed ourselves in the end. The end build has not been tested, but everything is (hopefully) somewhat functional. :)

How we built it

This is built solely using C# and Unity.

Challenges we ran into

Given that this is the first time any of us have used C# and Unity, it goes without saying that we ran into a lot of issues during the process. Nonetheless, after many sleepless nights and frantic googling sessions, we managed to make some kind of product (if you can call it that)!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning Unity and C#
  • Enemy models, spawning, behaviour, and pathfinding
  • Great environments
  • Working(?) game system with upgrades, pausing, and movement

What we learned

  • Merging sucks
  • Unity and C#
  • Merging sucks

Built With

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