Coming into a professional hackathon with a team of very meager experience in programming was problematic at first. Every SDK, kit, or language we saw seemed to have come from another world. After unsuccessfully trying to hack into the Tesla with the smart car API, we settled on Snapchat as our main hackathon project.

What it does

The website uses a Snapchat login integration and allows you to play as your Bitmoji for various minigames. Our main video game as of right now is Tic Tac Snap.

How we built it

Many of the HTML and CSS elements were used to create the "Snapchat" theme of the website( This also allowed us to customize the website to our liking and make it. We are also using for our domain name thanks to MLH for the promo code.

Challenges we ran into

We had no experience using any of SnapChats built-in SDK. We also had little to no experience with HTML, CSS, or javascript. Also, sleep deprivation was a thing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement the Snapchat login after a very long time of trial and error. We feel a lot more confident in web development that when we first started.

What we learned

Implementing an app feature into a newly built website from scratch is no joke. Communication is key.

What's next for TicTacSnap

Integrate multiplayer so two people on separate devices can play together. Add more mini-games as well as integrate a messaging API.

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