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Political campaigns and movements must be well organized and properly executed to be successful. With as many as 3 to 53 representatives in Congress per state, knowing where to start can be an arduous and daunting task.

That's where FindMyRepresentative comes to help!

Using the Phone2Action API link, the FindMyRepresentative web application collects the government representatives the API outputs and begins giving further information on each representative. Being able to list the representatives' political party, how they voted on specific issues, and being able to predict their decision on new, upcoming votes.


It's not just about spreading the message, it's about spreading it to the right people. Being able to identify conflicting or supporting politicians will allow political campaigns to promote their agenda to new heights and make a larger impact in the world than ever before. FindMyRepresentative can do all that in more, giving political strategists information on a representative's relative power in Congress, likelihood of being part of a bipartisan deal, or stance regarding certain issues.


The goal of FindMyRepresentative is to help give political activists a stronger and more calculated voice than ever before. Giving political activists all across the nation the ability to make a difference through strategic action. Politics is a game of strategy and connections, so why shouldn't activism?

Don't Let Your Message Fall On Deaf Ears: Start using FindMyRepresentative today!

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