The Story of PLACE

When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in Switzerland, numerous companies sent their employees to work at home, students must stay home too. Many people got along with the new situation, but there was no place left to run creative procedures with colleagues. Workshops, Brainstormings and similar settings were hard to run in video conferences.

That’s why we provide PLACE, a platform for coworking experience. Our team of designers, developers and creative heads constructed a web-tool which allows running workshops online. In PLACE, teams can develop their ideas together in real-time, using tools like a digital whiteboard, sticky notes, voting options and more. The big plus of our solution: PLACE is public and free, everyone can use it without registration or login.

Workshops during home office

The Covid-19 pandemic has a large impact on the business sector. At once, people had to get used to working far away from their supervisors and colleagues. We assume that many of them will work more often in home office than before the pandemic. And when it comes to settings where results are usually found by workshops in meeting rooms, they shall not be excluded. PLACE will allow them to participate from home.

We developed a working prototype from scratch. Behind the code is a complete design system that was developed in 48h. In order to ensure an optimal cooperation with the developers, we created with figma and trello a productive setup in a short time.

For the backend setup, our developers used Node, mongoDB and The frontend is Nuxt Single-Page-Application. PLACE is hosted on GitHub Pages and deployed with GitHub Actions. Our product is MIT licensed and public.

Remote, but close

The initial idea for PLACE came from one of our developers, hinting at the challenges that arise during home office. Many creative jobs require the exchange of ideas, but classic communication, such as e-mail or video conference, was not good enough. We noticed that during our video calls ourselves!

Some of the team members didn’t know each other. We differ not only in skills, but also in what we usually work for. The range reaches from software development, design, clinical project management to journalism. Nonetheless, decision making, communication and the further development of our product went pretty smooth. The vibe was enormously appreciative and friendly.

We hope, many others will find their PLACE in order to develop and implement ideas, as we did during the hackathron #versusvirus.

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