Studying can feel like a chore. Gaming is much more enjoyable! While we were in OChem, we couldn't find any games to help us study. Most chemistry games that Annie found were more geared towards general chemistry concepts.

What it does

Twelve cards are set out on a board face down. When you click on a card, it turns over to display either a functional group or a pKa value. If the two match, the cards are removed from the board. If there is no match, the cards are flipped back over.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to adapt the tutorial we were following to create a match without the card values being an exact match. There's still a problem with an array larger than the number of cards being created.

What I learned

Annie: GameMaker! Seriously, this was the first time we've used the program.

Geneva: This wasn't as bad as I thought, especially going into this thinking that I wouldn't be able to contribute to the project at all.

What's next for pKa Memory

We'd like to get the array size and number of cards to match. (We're not willing to stay up all night to fix this.)

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