Ever wanted to order a pizza, but only wanted half? Interested in trying foods? PizzaSplit may be just for you! PizzaSplit is a localized service that allows for likeminded individuals to split the cost on any pizza, from anywhere. Perfect for the poor university student to get slices of speciality pizza’s without really splurging! We use an intuitive flat app design coupled with push notifications that will keep interactions running smoothly, in order to guarantee a great UX. We also verify users through Facebook in order to get the Pizza to you sooner, and to also effectively blacklist unruly users. Login, find or list a PizzaSplit within a localized area (most effectively, any university or city), contact each other over Facebook or phone, and get some pizza. Just don’t forget to bring plates! Run on Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, we guarantee that our service will be quick and speedy.

What’s Next

Expansion to other food services, including those user made. Build a community in which user interactions are rated by quality. Further leverage Microsoft Azure and Twillio to handle user details. Build middleman software in order to develop a real revenue generating strategy.

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