Pizzaficiency will show you the fastest and/or cheapest pizza near you


Our good friend Saad has come with us to every hackathon. This weekend however he wasn't able to come because he has been missing to many weekend shifts at dominos. We wanted to make something pizza related that could help people to more efficiently obtain these delicious cheese covered triangles in honor of Saad.

What it does

This website allows users to enter in their location and then choose to either find the cheapest pizza within a reasonable distance of them or the fastest pizza A.K.A the closest pizza to them.

Where I live the closest pizza place is a Sbarro's located in a rest stop by the turnpike. If I am in desperate need of cheesy pepperoni goodness and I need it now, I can go there.

If I have a bit more time but I want to save money then I can choose the cheapest pizza option and the website will suggest the pizza place and pizza size that has the lowest cost per square inch of pizza.

How I built it

We are using a domain and hosting services from and programmed the html, css, and javascript with the API's to run within an embeded html container on the site.

We are using Google Places API to locate pizza places near the user and then return the address of the closest one. We are also using Google Maps API's autocorrect feature to ensure a proper address is entered.

Challenges I ran into

We have had a bunch of issues with the API's neither of us had ever used javascript before and I had only limited experience with API's. We ran into issues with the Google Places API that prevented the form from printing gout any kind of response when given an address.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was very proud that we were able to figure out the majority of the API. We are pretty sure the issue we are having has to do with our use of the fetch() command. Despite this I am glad we were able to learn so much about API's as a whole and figure out JSON files with javascript

What's next for Pizzaficiency

We hope to make this into a fully functioning website where we can visit it whenever we want some pizza.

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