As a kid having pizza was always a blast, and playing any game that had pizza as an objective made me extra motivated to accomplish it. With the Kids challenge it looked like a perfect opportunity to learn the Alexa SDK and create a fun pizza themed game with it.

What it does

A game that tests your memory and problem solving skills by selecting different toppings and adhering to the feedback to create the perfect pizza for Alexa.

How I built it

Starting with a trivia game template I was able to mold the vision for the Pizza Maker game utilizing simple java script and the Alexa SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Learning to use the Alexa SDK, and mapping the timing of certain phrases and keeping game state.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Lambda for a complete serverless approach for a game.

What I learned

How to effective create serverless applications with Alexa.

What's next for Pizza Maker

Create a version for the Echo show, to expand on the possibilities.

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