How to better help chained restaurants to maximize their resource and sale? Maximize the experience of their customers! And by that we mean lower their waiting time, give them recommendations on locations/route based on their preferences and current world status, and eliminate the chance of any unpleasant experience like extended waiting time or canceled order due to a particular restaurant running out of material.

What it does

Pizza-Hot is a centralized store management and order recommendation system for both the stores and customers. on the store side, it closely monitors which stores are open, status of current orders, their inventory level, and the current waiting lines in real time. On the other hand, for the customers, it will recommend them the ranked choices of which restaurants they could go to pick up their food, based on their choice of food, their current location and possible future destination, their personal preferences, and the status of the stores. The system is carefully designed in a way that is fast and scalable. It is ready to be scaled up as is to server restaurants and their customers.

How we built it

we built it with a Django-powered API and a centralized store and order management server built by python.

Challenges we ran into

It's the first time we used Django, and understanding and designing the structure of the API and the backend server took us really long time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount of new concepts we learned about web development and new tools we got familiar with is by itself something we're really proud of, and the fact that we can ship a complete product in the end makes the experience even better

What we learned

full stack development workflow, django frame work, docker, redis, and much, much more

What's next for Pizza Hot

The backbone is there, but we simplified/idealized lots of routine in the development process. for example the for the travel time estimation, we would like to query google map, but as a proof of concept, we just did a quick estimation based on distance. There are also lots of features we had in mind yet didn't have enough time to implement we would also like to rebuild the UI itself.

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