Inspiration- Ordering a pizza online.

What it does- It asks what size of pizza you want ? what toppings you want? what flavor smoothie you want and when you like to pick up your order.

How I built it- I built it by myself. I have used the Amazon Alexa developer console to built it.

Challenges I ran into- There were many challenges that occurred when I am developing the pizza bot like I have encounter problems with intents and slots and also with endpoints of pizza bot when I am developing it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- It works well without any problems.

What I learned- It's my first time when I am using Alexa developer to develop skills previously I have done projects on Dialogflow which I found easy as compared to Alexa developer but now after using Alexa Skill Developer now I have learned Something new.

What's next for pizza bot- I applied it for Certification and It is under review if it gets passes the test then I am going to deploy it all over the world.

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