Pixtor is a mobile application using which users click a picture, write some short (10 word) story about it, and then forward it to their friends, who, in turn, try to continue the story and forward it to their friends. Every person can only see the last "page" in the story, add their own bit, and send it further. After the story has 20 "pages", everyone involved in building the story could see the end result. We believe the story would be amusing to users, to see how a story started by one person can transform into something completely different. This kind of group storytelling is sometimes used by schools to teach students writing and team building skills, but the mix of pictures and short text makes this app unique.

The idea came about as the result of a brainstorming session during a hackathon almost 2 years ago. The project was never completed, the codebase was scrapped, the team never got a chance to come back together, and the idea was forgotten. Until now. HackIllinois seemed the perfect opportunity to bring this concept to life, as we always had wanted to.

The timing couldn't have been better. The success of various picture sharing apps and other similar social networks demonstrates people's love for socializing and amusing themselves. People of all ages can have fun building short, simple and downright silly stories told through pictures.

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