Inspired by Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Undertale and, of course, Pixie Hacks!

What it does

You're a Pixie Hacker! Run through Pixie Patrol’s obstacles as you try to defeat the pesky pixies that are causing bugs in your code! Destroy warnings, errors and viruses before your computer is lost forever...

How we built it

Built with Gamemaker, designed in Photoshop, animated with Aseprite and covered in tears, sweat and determination.

Challenges we ran into

Only Isabella had a license for Gamemaker (the only Windows user), so only her computer was available to actually code on... this caused a bit of stress, to say the least.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think our game is dope as heck. We honestly do.

What we learned

Olivia learned she has sick animating skills, Elena learned how to work quickly and not scream and Isabella learned that 12-hour hackathons are stressful for game-makers.

What's next for Pixie Patrol

We want to actually finish this game eventually and post it on or Kongregate.

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