Pixer is a Chrome browser plugin that lets you edit and save images from any website directly to your Pixer space in the cloud very easily.

I got this idea because as part of my web design, I routinely save cool or funny images for inspiration and to look back at. Instead of junking up my computer, wouldn't it better to to store in the cloud directly, especially if I I can edit the images instantly? And why not email them to friends instantly!

What it does

It just works. Just right click on any image on a web page. If Pixer detects an image, it lets you directly save the image to your account to check out later or you can actually edit the image instantly and then save it, all with the power of Adobe Creative Cloud. NO need to download, open up a desktop image editor and mess around with your desktop file system.

How to use and test

  1. Download the Chrome plugin at
  2. Drag and install on Chrome extensions
  3. Reload browser
  4. Go to any website with images (like
  5. Right click on image and choose Pixer->4 options
  6. You can: : upload instantly : edit and upload : upload and email to your friends instantly! : view the images in the Pixer space
  7. Go to to check the pics!
  8. Right now, for hack, all pictures are stored in 1 account only

How I built it

Chrome plugin that has right click Pixer menu option on images.

Challenges I ran into

Injecting Aviary library into the DOM of any page dynamically. I had to save the code locally for now. Sites with Content Security Policy directive set might not work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it all n 1 day!

What I learned

Chrome plugin JavaScript injection is notoriously difficult!

What's next for Pixer

I enjoyed building the app and hope to take it to the next level and make it robust. Then launch it with Adobe's help!

I think I am going to use this everyday from now.

Next steps: 1 - Make the plugin more robust 2 - Handle more sites 3 - Add more features like email/sms 4 - Store pics in Adobe cloud itself

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