There are softwares available to create 2d animation, but they are cumbersome to use, require installation, are tedious and time-consuming, and require a level of expertise to create good animations. This is a web-based single-page application that allows users to create simple, clean 2d animations on the fly!

What it does

A single-page application that allows users to generate simple animated storylines without

How I built it

I used jquery library and javascript to develop the animated elements and the interactive UI, css to create an array of shapes, and html to create a simple user interface

Challenges I ran into

add animations to elements, having an object follow a set of jquery animation steps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to connect a series of animations for each object, allowing to make a storyline of animation.

What I learned

How to use animations to multiple elements and string animation elements together.

What's next for Pixema

Allow other users to interact with one's animation (e.g. user input's an answer, animation determines if answer is correct or not), being able to incorporate UI as inset into other websites, or new web input form.

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