As a freelance designer I have used many content management systems during my career and although they've got the job done, I've always had issues with the restrictive nature of their templates.

I was recently shown Hubspot by a colleague (who is the developer on this project) and I was blown away by the layout engine and how adaptable and flexible it could be, especially for a designer or marketeer.

From this, we were inspired to design and build a theme that both, addressed the modern trends in web design (without the use of coding) fully utilising drag-and-drop features of the HubSpot layout engine.

Design-wise we wanted to incorporate an 'editable' device that enabled the user to add custom screens to a laptop (we want to add mobile/tablet next!). We knew this would be a very powerful and useful feature for many reasons - the laptop can even be filled with different colours to align with the global template style.

Additionally, we wanted to add unique dividers that were fully responsive. We came up with 4 options:

  • Straight
  • Curved
  • Diagonal
  • Pointed

With the ability to add images/gradients to most sections we feel that, even though this is version 1.0, it is extremely powerful to builders, designers, and marketers for all kinds of website pages. We have also added modern shadows to some elements too!

The design has been kept fresh and clean in order to suit as many clients/industries as we can. We plan to expand on the page designs example to show its full capability.

This is our first Hubspot project together and already have interest from potential clients. We are hoping that this is the start of something big!

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