Auto-generate infinity NFT with infinity styles and upload on Near Marketplace

  • ✨Magic ✨

Demo/Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bghegsAdoCg

Workflow link: https://whimsical.com/pixelmaxnft-7xS5HKSaPqTqdorPZhugBx

  • ✨Magic ✨


  • Generate multiple types/shapes/numbers/colors of within a click via automated AI engine
  • Store the NFT on nft storage
  • Put it on marketplace for buy/sell
  • User can drag and drop the various image and get infintie amount of NFT generated just by single click.

Value & Impact

Creators don't need to spend time in recreating various kinds of NFT everytime. Creators NFT get stored on NFT storage automatically wider choice of NFT for buyers. Creators can make lots of money with less effort

Technical Complexity

  • Devloped the AI art generation NFT part.
  • marketplace taken from Near community
  • Easy to reporduce. there is readme for both engine and marketplace. Anyone can use it.

Next Steps

Put it for mainnet after getting feedback from judges. Apply for grants. Please, tweet about this project if you find useful

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