Admist the buzz of our busy, social media-driven lives, we sometimes forget to take time out for ourselves. While we strive to present the best version of our lives to others, we neglect to pay attention to our own mental and physical health. Relaxation and introspective solitude gradually become rarities, luxuries of a world long gone. Pixilli aspires to combine the experiences of relaxation and solitude through a therapeutic way of interacting with and collecting photos others have taken. Forget metrics - the "like" count, the popularity score. Think simple and playful interaction accompanied with relaxing chiptune and beautiful pixel art. Make yourself a cup of tea and simply... relax.

What it does

Web app that allows for photo voting. Voting positively = adding a photo to your own collection. Collect as many or as few as you like while enjoying soft ambient music and therapeutic animations.

How we built it

Caffeine, last minute project scrapping, efficient coding+art making.

Challenges we ran into

We ended up having to scrap our (ambitious) original plan (involving ML and surveillance) last minute which left us less than 24 hours to create this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lulu - I really liked the idea itself. It gave me the opportunity to learn about JQuery but also that of creating art using a medium that I've come to love. You can do so much with pixel art!!!

Nathan - The idea is interesting and we were both passionate about getting it done on time, which was made difficult because we had to scrap our previous idea.

What we learned

Lots of web dev + don't go for something too unrealistic within the span of 36 hours.

What's next for Pixelli

Probably public use as a web app! We might add more options for photo selection and such in the future as well.

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