What it does

PixeLisk is a blockchain plaform where anyone can design and create a pixel artwork. Each pixel artwork is tagged to a non-fungible token (NFT). PixeLisk has a unique feature, which is that it allows the community to participate in judging and evaluating the value of the pixel artworks (called a "Pix") submitted.

The three main features of PixeLisk are:

  1. Pix Creator: allows pixel artists to create a 16x16 Pix for 5 Lisks. The in-app pixel art editor and the start cost help maintain a high-quality pixel art community

  2. Pix Gallery: showcases a user’s most prized Pixs. Creators are forever immortalised in the history of a Pix, while owners can brag about them on their walls. The Pix Gallery also includes a trophy cabinet and shows the user's asset/net worth.

  3. The Collector: the unique feature of PixeLisk. After the creation of a Pix, the creator can transfer it to The Collector, a public address that allows artworks to be voted and evaluated. The Collector acts as an evaluation system for the artworks based on how much it appeals to the community. The creator of the artwork can claim back the Pix at any time. This feature enables sponsors, art critics and participants to appreciate the ingenuity of the artists by voting for their Pixes, which increases the value of the particular artwork.

How we built it

React, LiskSDK, ExpressJS, SQLite

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning blockchain concepts and technology and thinking up of this fun idea. Also, being the first creator and owner of a Pix. I had fun creating pixel arts too.

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