We never looked at mall maps yet we'd get lost at malls. Indoor GPS isn't a thing yet, so we decided to create this.

What it does

This website so far is just front-end and the basic idea of what we expect our website to accomplish. It authorizes users through Firebase, allows mall map image uploading, and provides navigation results.

How we built it

We did basic web development with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and used a little bit of Firebase as a preview of what our plans in the future are in terms of managing users. Our brainstorming involved experimenting with, lots of discussing, and scribbling on binder paper.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the .tech domain up and running and figuring out how to use the Firebase API, which we're still trying to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Starting little by little and building upon it, designing a website with little coding knowledge, learning API's from scratch, and just understanding code conceptually.

What we learned

Less is more. This can be applied to knowing the importance of learning the basics of web development/coding and planning out complex ideas. Not getting ahead of ourselves and learning to take breaks in a 24 hour hackathon were great lessons.

What's next for PixelHacksProject

Using machine learning to actually analyze mall maps and provide indoor GPS navigation! We are also considering to use other APIs that enhance the website's functionality and capabilities. For example, we'd like to implement user notifications of sales (by using computer vision to detect stores on the mall map and searching for sales on search engines like Google) and GPS tracking of user friends and family. Our goal is to eventually create this on a mobile platform, because that would be more convenient and practical for users.

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