This was a game I created for SiliconHacks 2020!

When the game starts, the hero and the ghost will take turns fighting with each other. The hero attacks using card spells, two of which will be randomly given to the player to chose from each turn. The game ends when the ghost loses its 40 health, or the hero's health bar reaches 0.

Finding a hackathon that had a Scratch competition was really interesting to me, and I've always been someone who was interested in Scratch and the potential that it had for animations.

I created this game with the intent to parade the capability of Scratch, especially in the animation areas. I decided on a pixel theme to take advantage of Scratch's pixelate function and used a variety of broadcast functions to call specific card attacks and manage turns within the game.

The sprites in the game are a combination of assets found online and ones that were hand created.

Thanks to: Battle Theme: Battle 1 Final Fantasy 1X Victory Theme: Final Fantasy 7 Victory Fanfare for being an excellent platform to create and edit pixel art and animations. The text boxes in the corner were generated thanks to Earthbound Text Labs by Bill Eager at

Built With

  • scratch
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