We're a group of friends that have always enjoyed challenging ourselves. We grew inspiration from a website called the human benchmark, but we wanted to take a more enjoyable approach to things.

What it does

The game is simply a memorization game where one views a pixel image for 10 seconds to memorize it. After this 10 second timer they need to recreate the pixel art and have the bot mark its accuracy.

How I built it

We built it into a web browser using HTML/CSS/JS

Challenges I ran into

A difficult challenge we ran into was the main algorithm to compare the user's drawing and the original picture. We aimed for efficiency to keep a fast interaction with the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the teamwork established with each other through the little time we had. This was my first hackathon and team project and I believe it was a great learning experience.

What I learned

As I played a more front-end role in this project, it allowed me to learn more about back-end as I communicated with other members of the group.

What's next for PIXELIT

The next step for PIXELIT is to be hosted online to play with friends. Allowing a group to test their memory and artistic abilities against each other. This will be done through the utilization of socket io.

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