We really wanted a fast way to learn about the color choice and UI elements being used on iOS apps. Xscope is very useful on the Mac, but there is no equivalent app on the App Store that offers true information of pixels used in the app. We are really proud of how the ColorPicker works by letting you get information of any pixel you touch.

"While designing apps, sometimes you want to see what colors your favorite apps used. You would need to take a screenshot of the app, then upload it to your Mac, open a photo editor, and then be able to figure out the color. Pixel Data changes all of that. With just one tap, you can figure out all the information of any pixel! Vertical and horizontal rulers help you measure any objects on the screenshot. The measuring tool helps figure out the distance between any pixels. Use the ColorPicker to inspect any pixel of your choice. Once you are done with your measurements, share an annotated screenshot of your work through email or your favorite social network.

Perfect for designers and useful for every developer, Pixel Data is an indispensable tool for every app you create."

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