We wanted to build a modular and cross platform printer.

It moves along the Cartesian grid plan and draws on a board

We found someone who was experienced with CAD to create custom wheels and brackets for us. Once printed out, we mounted wheels above the whiteboard upper ledge and on top of the whiteboard marker/eraser tray. It's connected with a bracket and the bottom wheel is motor controlled, allowed the whole system to move horizontally. On the beam connecting the upper and lower wheels, there is a board with a marker that can imprint a pixel on the board at any coordinate point, and this board is capable of moving vertically. Combined, this allows the printer to navigate all around the whiteboard.

Besides waiting 12 hours to 3D print some stuff, we had to figure out the best materials to make this an efficient and possible solution. For example, since the wheels were printed plastic, we had to wrap rubber bands around them to create the friction necessary to move the whole printer. We also had issues making our stepper motor work at first, which we were able to get help with and finally figure out.

Refining our design so much from where it started was an achievement. It was great to see moving parts actually work.

We learned that there are lots of challenging things to resolve both on the hardware and software portion.

If we can't finish the project entirely, 3 of us who attend the same university will attempt to finish it back on campus as a learning project.

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