😸 About the project


  • Turning a picture into pixel art to play with
  • 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane
  • Fetching random images from Pixabay API
  • Uploading and pixelating custom image
  • Colorful confetti animation on puzzle complete
  • Online leaderboard featuring top 10 results
  • Showing user country flag via IP geolocation
  • Using back button to change username / difficulty / puzzle image

Demo Upload Screen

Demo Game Board

Offline support

  • When image API is not responding, user can still use custom image upload and proceed to play
  • When geolocation API is not responding, a random cat emoji will be used instead of a country flag
  • Should there be a problem with Realtime Database, user will see a local leaderboard

✨ I also created a Medium tutorial on how to use Shared Preferences for storing highscores. ✨

Noteworthy technologies and packages

  • Responsive design is achieved via using a combination of scrolling widgets, Expanded, FittedBox as well as ResponsiveLayoutBuilder included in the starter code.
  • The pixelating logic relies on the "image" Dart library.
  • The online leaderboard is built with a Firebase Realtime Database with an offline support based on "streaming_shared_preferences" - a reactive key-value store for Flutter projects.
  • The confetti animation is based on this Stack Overflow post
  • Random image generation is implemented with the help of "pixabay_picker" package.


The pixelated effect of app icons is achieved via using Flutter Image widget filterQuality property. When I already finished my hackathon submission, I noticed that while running a web app on mobile, the icons look blurry and low quality. This problem is specific to web + mobile and is not reproducible on Android, iOS or large screen web. After researching possible solutions, I came across this Issue. I used a suggested hack to insert

<style> flt-glass-pane { image-rendering: pixelated; } </style>

in my index.html. The image-rendering: pixelated in CSS basically does the same thing as filterQuality.none in Flutter. After applying this fix my app rendered as expected on all platforms including using web and PWA on mobile. If you are considering using this in your project keep in mind that the pixelated effect will be applied to all of the images, so make sure that your large images have enough resolution to look good.

😺 What's next

Technical dept

  • Refactor legacy naming, e.g. "dashatar something" should be renamed to "pixel art something"
  • Add missing code description e.g. for new classes and localization strings
  • Migrate rxdart classes to flutter_bloc for state management consistency
  • Detect and remove unused code
  • Add Android splash screen

Potential new features

  • Add privacy notice for username and country flag with sharing opt out option
  • Add settings page: credits, change username / difficulty etc.
  • Add username profanity filter
  • Add optional pixelating function settings: number of colors, block size

😻 Design

I used a custom color palette and custom made pixel art icons for this game. I went for a 12x12px icon size for a nice pixelated effect.


Page design is based on combining glassmorphic background elements with pixel art assets. I feel like the glassmorphic effect harmonizes the rough edges of pixelated items creating a pleasant overall look. I also use Ubuntu and Press Start 2P Google Fonts after testing out several possible font combinations for this project. Both of these fonts are "computer" style fonts which goes well with the overall game theme and at the same time they are different enough to create a good contrast. 


There is a confetti animation to celebrate a completed puzzle.


😽 Credits

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