Microsoft Cognitive Services API

What it does

It is a google chrome browser extension which simplifies image based search and also provides image match suggestions.

How we built it

Image based search : when ever user right clicks on an image in the browser, a pixearch menu item appears and when it is selected,it grabs the image url and sends it to computer vision api and get its description and then passes it to bing image search api for similar images. Similar Image suggestions : when the pixearch icon on chrome toolbar is clicked,it accepts image url and passes it to computer vision api and extracts description from it and uses it to search similar images through bing image search api.

Challenges we ran into

-Initially setting up the cognitive service api instance in azzure -Needed to spend some time on understanding the api

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is fully functional.

What we learned

Understanding api

What's next for Pixearch

The image search data can be use it appropriate advertisement suggestions.

Built With

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