Pivot It mobile app helps B2B sales teams improve interactions with customers and partners, and exceed revenue goals.

40% of B2B sales teams miss revenue goals. If your sales teams are solving complex customer problems with 3-18 month sales cycles, closing every deal depends on close collaboration with customers and partners.

Pivot It brings sales team members, customers, and partners together, on the same page. This single Pivot Page enables secure, simultaneous collaboration, among teams from multiple companies, shortening B2B sales cycles.

The Pivot It mobile app is perfect for sales pros on the go to rapidly: 1 Deliver the presentation to customers 2 Address customer needs 3 Connect simultaneously with customers and partners 4 Collaborate to solve problems

Pivot It empowers sales professionals and product experts to present confidential information securely, under NDA.

Sales team members use the same Pivot Page for internal collaboration, and the customer does not see this internal chatter.

Sales professionals can record their own personal notes on the same Pivot Page, without sharing them with anyone.

When you add Pivot It to SalesForce.com, each lead and opportunity gets a custom Pivot Page with all these benefits.

Only Pivot It makes this so easy.

Using the Pivot It mobile app, 25% more sales teams can now exceed revenue goals, because of shortened sales cycles.

Salesforce.com has redefined sales. Each successful sales cycle needs strategy, resources and organization all tied into a single selling process. Now Pivot It is re-imagining that B2B selling process.

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