The long waits on Tapingo , as well as the huge possibility of others stealing your food because it's out in the open , were are two main inspirations for wanting to make our app. What if the user received a code for their order that they had to verify to the owner, like a QR code or number? With this in mind we set off to create our application.

What it does

Our application is a food ordering service that allows Users to see a grid of food trucks when they first login. The can then see a lists of foods that they could order.We also have nice UI design.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

We had several hurdles that were hard to overcome. We had trouble connecting the NCR API to our Android Application. We could process the requests to their server and retrieve the codes from it,however we had trouble figuring out how to parse the code,connect android studio to the HTTPClient as well as creating methods to process the requests. We spent a significant amount of time trying to figure this out, combing through tutorials, the APIs , etc in the end we did not have time to implement some of features we envisioned for our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked all night to figure out the database backing for our application, searching several methods that would be possible , however we finally settled on Firebase. After hours of tinkering with that, we finally had the User Authentication working.

What we learned

We learned that connecting to APIs through HTTPClient Library using a mobile application is extremely difficult compared to using web. Also, It's hard to fully utilize an API or library if you don't know documentation well, and we underestimated that three days is not nearly enough time to understand them. This was our first three-day hackathon so Our expectations greatly exceeded our reality, when it came to the features we wanted to add and functionality of the app.

What's next for Pitstop

The user chooses the food truck they want and orders and item. Upon ordering they receive a code of some sort that they must verify with the user before receiving their order. the Food truck can turn on their location when they've arrived on campus and are ready to take orders.

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