World Automobile Day is observed on January 29 each year to commemorate the significance of this ingenious invention. In today's world, automobiles are a necessary component of existence. Every household requires it as a basic necessity. Imagine travelling hundreds of miles over days to get from one area to another, but transportation is now lot faster, easier, and more reliable thanks to the invention of automobiles.

And, yes, the concept appeals to us. When we're on the road and our vehicle's gasoline tank is empty or our vehicle is in need of maintenance, we confront numerous challenges and look for a technician here and there. As a result, we're in a big mess. To get around this, someone had a brilliant idea. If we can address this, i.e. the requirement for fuel and vehicle repair, today in this modern world of mobiles, it will be because of an app/website in our Android. It will be a great pleasure for me. For this, we present our PITSTOP thinking product. PITSTOP is a user-friendly website that addresses your fuel shortage and mechanical insufficiency at your problem location.

What it does

People nowadays rush to gas stations and repair shops, spending the majority of their time repairing cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. so,we are here in our amazing website PITSTOP PITSTOP is a universal app that caters to all people. Fuel filling, E-bike charging, and a mechanic are the things that PITSTOP offers at our current location. You will be able to check our accomplishments and how others have rated us on our login page, as well as get services. Our services are listed below: MOBILE MECHANIC >FUEL FILLING >CHARGING FOR E BIKES Simply log in or register to have access to these services. The service page on our site then tracks your location and your requirement (as indicated above) and displays a nearby mechanic, a fuel bunk, or mobile ebike charging. Then it shows you where the nearest mechanic or gas station is. When the recovery agent arrives at your location, an otp will be sent to the customer to confirm that he or she is the one who caused the problem. The current fuel rate as well as updates will be available on the news page. The mechanic that checks your vehicle issue over there at your place is what makes us special. Other apps or websites do not have this improved capability, but PITSTOP does. There is also a phone number to call if you have any questions.

How we built in

To develop a mock up of our project and individual pages, we used frontend languages such as html, css , javascript , , c# , mysql.

Challenges we ran into

We had a difficulty to fix google map reference on our website, but we were able to remedy it with the help of the There were also some difficulties in connecting all of our services on one page, but the team overcame these obstacles with their efforts. Accomplishments that we're proud of We're glad with the project's aesthetics and overall user interface. We also believe that our concept might be implemented in the actual world to help people. We are happy with the website that we have created in less than a week. We are satisfied that our website contributes to the prevention of vehicle breakdowns. It enables them to obtain all of the criteria that would satisfy the traveller at any moment, which is a unique feature of our programme, and we are extremely pleased of the fact that we have included all of the elements that would be required for automobiles.

What we learned

Many new capabilities were discovered, including g-map reference making, allowing websites to turn on location, linking social media, and making mobile calls. We also gained a variety of essential team abilities, such as critical thinking, project management, interpersonal skills, and time management.

What's next for pitstop

We plan to make PITSTOP, a mobile application in the future. The network connections will be made a little longer, and we will add more new elements to PITSTOP that will attract visitors while maintaining a user-friendly website without compromising their privacy.

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