Team Members of Dungeon Dudes

  • Jacob Jackson
  • Jacqueline Gonzales
  • John Hamilton
  • Lloyd Donelan
  • Esther Joseph
  • Stern McGee
  • Taylor Hanath-Culp


For our game development class at Texas A&M, our team grew an interest to work on a dungeon environment in virtual reality as part of our final project. We thought of taking on this endeavor to build assets and levels within the theme of exploring dark labyrinths while fighting skeleton enemies. The idea of being taken into the landscape to interact with virtual objects, such as a sword and fiery torch in your hand grew into a large collaboration of artists and programmers to accomplish this reality.

How We Built It

Unity, Maya, HTC Vive, Oculus, VR Toolkit, Trello, Discord, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Audacity.


Some obstacles we dealt with was making sure the player was able to use the virtual assets in their hands using the HTC Vive, UV unwrapping for 3D assets, the walking locomotion for the player, and many more to account for. In all, developing a game for virtual reality required great feedback and team effort, especially that many of the team members were seniors, some graduating as well. Time management and communication of allocating tasks using Trello proved to be quite helpful as well.


With each checkpoint of the project throughout the semester, we were able to create a game design document accounting for all the ideas and challenges going into the project, a working executable game compiled in Unity to display for students and our professor for the course.

What We learned

We learned there's a great hurdle to virtual reality for game development. However, earning that step past our previous learning curve proved to give us a better understanding of what it means to provide an enjoyable product for all those who wish to play.

What's next for Pith

We plan to work on the game to add more levels in the future.

Built With

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