our inspiration combines a vision for supporting startups, exploring the potential of NFT technology, and promoting creativity in the fundraising process. We want to revolutionize the way startups raise funds and create a dynamic platform that fosters growth and collaboration within the entrepreneurial community.

What it does

The inspiration behind our PitchTube project stems from our recognition of the challenges startups face in securing funding and our desire to create a platform that specifically caters to their needs. We were inspired by the growing demand for innovative funding solutions and the rise of NFT technology, which led us to explore new possibilities in the startup funding landscape.

We wanted to provide startups with a unique opportunity to raise funding through video pitches, leveraging the power of NFTs. By utilizing this technology, we aim to support and promote startups by offering a platform that attracts potential investors and showcases the potential of budding businesses.

We were inspired to create a comprehensive ecosystem that not only allows startups to secure funding but also facilitates networking and mentorship opportunities. Our goal is to nurture and propel entrepreneurial ventures forward by providing a space where startups can create captivating video presentations that effectively communicate their ideas, products, and goals.

How we built it

PitchTube, our innovative startup incubator platform, is built using the Next.js framework and styled with Tailwind CSS. However, we have also incorporated several other technologies to enhance the functionality and user experience of the platform.

One of the key technologies we utilize is Huddle01. Huddle allows users to create public meetings for pitching their ideas on the PitchDeck page. We have integrated an I frame to set up group meetings and facilitate collaboration among users. Additionally, Huddle serves as a tool for private video meetings between startup owners and potential investors. This feature enables in-depth discussions and the clearing of doubts before making investments.

Another important technology we employ is Livepeer. Livepeer is utilized for uploading startup post videos and generating unique playback IDs. These videos are securely stored on the smart contract, ensuring easy accessibility and playback for users. By leveraging Livepeer, we enable startups to showcase their pitches effectively, enhancing their chances of attracting potential investors. Users can access these videos by clicking on "Allstartups/Expand" on the platform.

RainbowKit, a React library, plays a crucial role in our platform by simplifying wallet connections. This library offers intuitive, responsive, and customizable functionalities. We leverage various functions provided by RainbowKit, such as useAccount(), useContract(), useProvider(), useSigner(), and useBalance(). These functions enable seamless integration with wallets, contract interactions, and balance monitoring. By leveraging RainbowKit, we ensure a smooth and secure user experience when it comes to financial transactions and smart contract interactions.

Lastly, we have deployed our platform to the Theta blockchain. Theta blockchain provides a secure and decentralized environment for our startup incubator platform. By leveraging blockchain technology, we enhance transparency, immutability, and trust in the startup funding process.

Challenges we ran into

  • I ran into the problem of deploying the contract on the theta network , it was my first time deploying to the theta blockchain

  • Also i was using the protocols like Livepeer for the first time , It was quite challenging to implement all into the theta blockchain that but have to say their docs helped me a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It worked

What we learned

What's next for PitchTube

Mainnet Launch

Built With

  • hardhat
  • nextjs
  • tailwind
  • thetablockchain
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