As a first timer of a hackathon, I struggled with choosing my project. During this period of time, I realized how much people needed a tool to help with the creative process. I considered the interactions that helped me through creating to create an app combing all of these aspects and present it in a simple product.

What it does

Pitch Pot allows both for people to present ideas and to look at others. To present, one must write a short pitch within 200 characters and choose the most relevant criteria. Then, the idea is sent to 100 other users who are searching for inspirations, who must decide to save/bookmark the idea within 30 seconds. The holder of the idea will gain a feedback report after 30 seconds, how many people enjoyed the concept out of the hundred. The app will help people gain immediate feedback from real people about their idea in the most convenient way possible, as well as providing stuck people with an unlimited bank of unique ideas.

How I built it

I built it mainly using Android Studio and also utilized Firebase along the way. I was going through different Youtube tutorials the majority of my work process.

Challenges I ran into

There are a few challenges I ran in to, and they were all quite frustrating to deal with. One of the first ones is that I wasn't able to test my program with my phone. Turns out there were plenty of trivial options I had to alter both on my mobile device and on my PC. I also had troubles with implementing Firebase, and I eventually realized that lots of the tutorials I watched are outdated. Near the end of the hackathon, I realized Firebase might not even be the ideal database for me to use, but it was too late for me try other options.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wrote my first android app independently (though not fully done), learned what Firebase is and how to use it, and understood how to write front-end xml files. However, my biggest personal accomplishment is finishing my first hackathon.

What I learned

Hackathon is very tough to participate independently, but it also shows me how much I truly know and what my limits are. I also learned that its bad idea to go to a hackathon without checking if I installed my framework and important development kit on my PC... On the technical side, I learned that backend can actually do a lot of front-end languages are made for. Creating a project shows me what the relationship between front-end and back-end is like.

What's next for Pitch Pot

Pitch Pot is an extremely flawed concept, and without enough regulating the platform can be a bad experience for everyone. Pitch Pot will need to find ways to protect the platform from spammers or people with malice. On the other hand, Pitch Pot will try to reward people contributing great ideas, letting more people know about these well-received pitches work, broadcasting them to a broader audience outside of Pitch Pot.

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