Often times the pressure and the confrontation of presenting comes from the crowd and stage. The one way to improve public speaking skills in presenting a pitch is through the constant realm of practice and practice. Caught with this dilemma, our solution hopes to utilize virtual reality to mimic the pressure and stage the crowd to recreate the very moment you get on a stage.

What it does

Uses the Oculus rift to create a virtual audience that you can speak in front of and practice your public speaking.

How I built it

Pitch Perfect is developed using Unity 3D. In order to simulate the setting in Oculus Rift, we had to understand the controls, sensors, and device functions. We integrated the Oculus Rift to a Unity application allowing us to simulate a virtual reality of a stage with spotlights and a audience to listen to the presentation. We track the user's movements and coordinates during the presentation and used this data to generate a feedback system. This feedback system allows the user to see how they appeared to perform during the presentation through monitoring their movements in another simulation model. The Django framework was used along with Unity for server requests.

Challenges I ran into

-ALWAYS USE DOUBLE QUOTES IN C# WHEN PARSING JSON ( -interfacing the oculus rift with MAC OSX -syncing the django server with unity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Learning unity and oculus interfacing in 36 hours!

What I learned

Myo & Leap Motion are best compatible with Unity 5.0. Myo allows for the control of actions through specific timed held transitions. Myo requires a level of calibration that is implemented through the contraction of the muscles. Although there are many built connectors, Myo lacks the control of all finger positioning. Leap Motion which accurately maps out the position of the fingers, spatially frees the user's interaction. Lastly, Leap Motion evaluates scripts rather than connectors in unity.

What's next for pitchperfect

The next step is integrate the Leap Motion to allow the user to move through the presentations in the Oculus Rift.

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