Some of the team members are musicians and we can't play in tune :( (sorry for annoying everyone with our violin playing :P) so we tried to make a project to remedy that.

What it does

Musicians can upload their sheet music, and then record themselves playing. The project gives live intonation suggestion. This gives musician feedback that they can use to improve in the future.

How we built it

We used python, HTML, and javascript

Notable python modules: aubio (for YIN fast fourier transform and sound processing), cv2 (for getting sheet music info), flask + flask_socketIO (hosting and WebSockets).

Challenges we ran into

At first, nothing worked. The sound processing was iffy and the image processing rarely functioned. Fixing these problems took a lot of hyperparameter tuning and heuristic adding. Also, thinking of rhymes for devpost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! We were very worried in the beginning, but fine-tuning the algorithms really went a long way.

What we learned

As algorithmic coders (check out galen_colin on codeforces) we found non-deterministic problems very frustrating >:(

What's next for PitchFix

Have it work for nontrivial music. The sound processing and the sheet music computer vision leaves much to be desired.

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