The inspiration for this application was sparked amidst a LONG session of brainstorming. Our group finally settled on trying to create a solution that assisted students in making meaningful connections and lasting impact with recruiters. This solution personally struck a chord with us since, as college students, we are consistently speaking with various recruiters.

What it does

The application takes in an audio feed from the user and analyzes it to create various recommendations on the way you deliver your pitch. In addition to this, it also provides the user with a selection of hand-selected job postings (from our customized algorithm) that are aligned with the skills mentioned in the elevator pitch.

How I built it

Using a mixture of GCP solutions as well as Sketch to build out robust front-end capabilities.

Challenges I ran into

Working with GCP's Postgresql SQL database and managing pool connections was very challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a working application by the end! The application was able to make recommendations on how to not only fix your elevator pitch but recommendations on jobs you were well suited for as well!

What I learned

Alot of GCP. We also had an opportunity to explore the world of full-stack development as we collaborated on created various components of the application from the Frontend to the Backend.

What's next for

Fleshing out features more to provide a robust candidate experience. Potentially expanding the use case? Maybe even going one step further with the current solution in order to create a recruiter portal. This would allow recruiters a way to streamline highly qualified applicants directly into their candidate pool!

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