Inspiration: I am really interested in music despite being interested in majoring in Computer Science and have always wanted to create something using modern technology that could act like something like beats and help us connect with other people and create music.

What it does: The website instructs you on what is included with the Pitch IT contents, how to use it, why to invest in it, and the ideas behind it. Essentially, what exactly Pitch IT is is that you get a pair of wireless earbuds that you can not only use to listen to music but also to help create your own music and collaborate with other people to make your own music.

How we built it: I used to create a website for my future product that instructs on how to use the product and why to invest in it. I used the languages, HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with a bit of UI/UX design.

Challenges we ran into: I had doubts on how exactly I should make my website and logo look for the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I am proud of the fact that I was able to come up with my first business idea ever and actually try to make it go far.

What we learned: I learnt more about how to use Adobe and how to appropriately pitch my ideas.

What's next for Pitch IT: So far I have just created the website for Pitch IT so next I would like to create an app to actually use it along with pitching my idea to other businesses and getting them to invest in it.

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